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Palatine tonsil cryptolysis (treatment of chronic tonsil inflammations)

Palatine tonsil cryptolysis (treatment of chronic tonsil inflammations)

The treatment involves removal of palatine tonsil crypts in patients who suffer from deposition of white congestive content in the crypts.

Open tonsil crypts may cause development of co-called tonsil calculi (retention plugs) which cause an inflammatory reaction: augmentation and painfulness of the tonsils, sensation of a foreign body. These changes may also cause unpleasant smell from the mouth. First appearance of the symptoms usually announces their chronic recurrence. Tonsil changes are reconstructed within 1-20 days. Once the calculus reaches a certain size, the patient may sometimes get rid of it by coughing up, pressing the tonsils or rinsing with an irrigator.

Tonsil cryptolysis is an effective method eliminating the problem of recurring tonsil calculi. The procedure involves reduction of the crypt depth and closing them using high frequency and low temperature radio waves. As compared with waves emitted by a laser, the treatment is more delicate and less painful, performed under local anaesthesia in outpatient clinic conditions. After the treatment, the patient can quickly resume everyday activity.


  • Tonsil pains;
  • Chronic tonsil inflammation;
  • Unpleasant odour from the mouth;
  • Discomfort in the throat.
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