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Holistic Beauty Thay treatments combine treatment efficacy with natural active ingredients, specially selected massage, music composed for particular rituals, beautiful fragrances and cosy consistency of the cosmetics.


RAM osmocell treatment


The treatment eliminates toxins and excessive fat tissue.

Fire denotes warmth, passion and vital energy, which are delivered by the detoxifying aromatic oils (angelics, geranium, juniper), holy lotus flower, centella asiatica, paprika, arnica and algae which provide the draining effect.

BHAM dermodren treatment


A series of slimming treatments, which facilitate regaining a slim silhouette.

Water purifies and regenerates. Bham washes out toxins by means of aromatic oils (ginger, cinnamon, bergamot orange), marine silt, laminaria digitata, fucus vesiculosus, rosemary and lemon aromatic oils, draining aromatic oils (rosemary, tangerine, anethum). Treatment developed for women after pregnancy and for persons with the problem of body swelling.

LAM dermotonic treatment


Strengthening, reactivating and stimulating treatment.

Earth means stability and fullness. Lam is a series of treatments which strengthen tissues and reshape the body as clay in a sculptor’s hands. It uses the strength of tangerine vinegar, strengthening aromatic oils (orange and tangerine), hematite, vitalising aromatic oils (sandal tree, tangerine, rosemary).

YAM dermoelast treatment


Treatment which increases the elasticity and toning body skin. Also suitable for taking care of the bodies of mums-to-be.

Air is the element which regenerates tissues, making them elastic and full of vital energy. The Yam treatment series consists of products specially developed for mums-to-be and a programme focused on skin elasticity and prevention of stretch marks, ideal for any dehydrated tissues and sensitive skins. The treatment takes advantage of the properties of argan oil, organic sesame oil, pumpkin, peas, monoi de Tahiti, shea butter, allantoin and vitamin E.

OM dermosense treatment


Relaxing, quieting treatment for instant wellbeing.

Ether is a harmonious combination of all elements. The Om treatment series quiets down the nervous system and directs the client towards a space where she can find her inner peace. Composition of active ingredients such as regenerating aromatic oils (ylang-ylang, camomile and lavender), relaxing aromatic oils (Damask rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, juniper), organic sesame oil and green clay demonstrate relaxing, but also strongly regenerating properties.

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