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Procedures combining relaxation massage with cosmetic body treatments

The needs of mums-to-be are undoubtedly special, that is why it is extremely important to ensure comprehensive yet pleasant regeneration of the whole body. During this period, we propose exceptionally pleasant care which will let the mother be relax, make her feel better and emphasise her beautiful appearance from the inside.

Cosmetic rituals and massages restore balance to the body, soothe the mum, help her establish contact with her unborn baby.

RVB Holystic Beauty Thay – Amma Deva

As soon as a woman feels the baby grow in her womb, she feels wonderful. To protect this delicate beauty and maintain the body in perfect balance during this period, RVB developed YAM AMMA DEVA – the first complete program of care and nurturing the health of pregnant women, based on the principles of traditional Tibetan medicine.

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RVB Holistic Beauty Thay YAM – delicate scrub based on argan and sesame oils

Air is the element which regenerates tissues, making them elastic and full of vital energy. Yam consists of products specially developed for mums-to-be and a programme focused on skin elasticity and prevention of stretch marks, ideal for any dehydrated tissues and sensitive skins. The treatment takes advantage of the properties of argan oil, organic sesame oil, shea butter, allantoin and vitamin E.

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