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CoolFit (Zeltiq) – Greater precision in body contour shaping

Treatment overview

We are the first in Poland to present the new CoolFit applicator – designed intelligently to allow even better results – the awaited extension of Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting product line. The new flat head is perfect for long-shaped fat tissue deposits, as well as:

  • Thanks to its unique shape, it allows treating of areas which were not accessible so far
  • Thanks to longer cooling panels – the cooling surface is larger by nearly 40%.

Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, safe and efficient technique for reduction of fat tissue using controlled local cooling of the skin surface in order to reduce subcutaneous fat tissue without damaging surrounding tissues. The previous applicator heads are designed for the treatment of small fat deposits on the belly and sides.

Those heads are not suitable for the treatment of longer deposits (e.g. vertical deposits on the belly) or deposits located in places which are difficult to access (e.g. on the inner side of thighs). To solve the problem of fat deposited, among others, on the inner thigh side, an applicator with a flat silicone head and a longer cooling panel has been developed – CoolFit.

The inner thigh side is a particularly important area in the context of cryolipolysis, as this is the third area most frequently subjected to body contouring.

How is CoolFit applied on the inner thigh side?

Step 1. – Patient evaluation.

Step 2. – Application of the head.

Step 3. – Making the patient sit down (the patient should sit comfortably, with the leg slightly bent in the knee. 1 head application takes 1 hour.

Step 4. – Massage (after treatment, the area is massaged for app. 2 minutes).

Surveys connected with use of the applicator prototype

A survey conducted among patients who underwent the fat tissue reduction treatment on the inner thigh side:

  • 100% satisfied patients
  • 100% patients would recommend this treatment to their relatives and friends

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