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Amma Deva – special cosmetic programme for mums-to-be

As soon as a woman feels the baby grow in her womb, she feels wonderful. To protect this delicate beauty and maintain the body in perfect balance during this period, RVB developed YAM AMMA DEVA – the first complete program of care and nurturing the health of pregnant women, based on the principles of traditional Tibetan medicine. Precious mixtures of natural active ingredients and argan oil (rich in vitamin E) strengthen the tissues and help keep the skin well tightened and radiant, along with a smoothing and shaping function which is completely safe both to the mother and the child.


The programme consists of 20 sessions aimed at maintaining skin elasticity and preventing development of stretch marks, health and nutrition advice as well as selection of exercises for the wellbeing of the mother and the child. During pregnancy, the skin needs more nutrition as tissues must deal with providing extra space for the baby.

The sessions are 75 minutes long and are performed as follows: when pregnancy is confirmed (assuming the second month), the Amma Deva programme begins with one treatment every 15 days until the end of the fifth month of pregnancy. From the sixth month until 15 days before the due date, one treatment session is performed each week.

If the patient’s tissue requires more treatments, the cosmetologist may increase the number of sessions and propose one treatment per week from the second until the sixth month of pregnancy, and 2 treatments per week from the seventh month until 15 days before the due date.

Each session is connected with building harmony in the mother’s body, strengthening and firming of the tissue, shaping and smoothing. It also involves prenatal massage, enriched with music, colour, fragrance, image and specialist cosmetics. The massage technique directly influences the outflow lymphatic channels, bringing a state of wonderful relaxation, letting mum and her baby meet each other. The massage is specially developed as prenatal preparation, with direct smoothing and tissue healing action, and it consists of four stages: preparation (for the baby), beginning of the massage (for the mum and baby), massage experience (for the mum) and the end (for the mum and baby).


Special argan oil treatment for the belly. The volume of breasts and the belly increases from the very beginning of pregnancy, and it is very important for mums-to-be to maintain these areas well tightened. This treatment ensures deep nutrition and improves elasticity of the skin to strengthen it against stress and stretching.

Nipple treatment as preparation for breastfeeding. During breastfeeding, sucking of the nipples may cause cracking or sores around them. During the sixth month of pregnancy, it is time to take care of nipple elasticity and prevent them from cracking.


Optimum results can be achieved thanks to regular application of home care products. Treatment begins at our Clinic and is continued at home, accompanying the woman throughout pregnancy and after childbirth, in the form of specially formulated products and application techniques.

Preparation of the tissue. This stage cleanses the skin of impurities, stimulates cell regeneration and makes the skin more firm, softer and stronger. It also makes the skin more responsive to the preparations applied afterwards. Dampen the skin with the shower and wash it all, including breasts, with OM Regenerating Soap. Next, to perform a drainage and regenerating massage, dampen the horse hair glove and massage with round movements, moving upwards. Rinse thoroughly. Recommended 2 times a week.

Softening, nutrition and strengthening.
This treatment stage prevents development of stretch marks, hydrates, nourishes and makes the skin softer and more elastic. The products have a very delicate fragrance, ideal during pregnancy when the sense of smell is more sensitive.

In the morning: apply YAM Stretch Mark Concentrate directly onto stretch marks, using the special bottle with a drop-meter. Massage energetically until fully absorbed.

Continue treatment with YAM Elasticity Cream, applied over the whole body including breasts, massage with circular movements starting from the legs and moving up the body. Devote more time to such critical areas as the hips.

In the evening: apply YAM Stretch Mark Concentrate directly onto stretch marks, using the special bottle with a drop-meter. Massage energetically until fully absorbed.

Continue treatment with YAM Elasticity Oil, applied pursuant to the same technique as the Elasticity Cream.


Specially composed, Amma Deva music helps the mum attach a relationship with the baby to establish a loving, nonverbal, emotional channel of communication between them. Amma Deva means female energy, which nourishes, cares and heals. Sound perception is very important for unborn babies, as their hearing capability develops already in the fourth week of pregnancy and they are able to remember the sensations experienced during the time in the womb. Thanks to the synergy between the massage and music, the mum-to-be may connect with her child and establish a harmonious relationship beginning from the first weeks of pregnancy. Intensive musical vibrations and a mixture of natural products simulate the nervous system of both the mum and the baby growing inside her.

Just like massage, music consists of four parts: preparation (for the baby), mantra (for the mum and baby), music (for the mum) and again mantra (for the mum and baby). The melodic line is accompanied by background sounds, of ocean waves and crystal chimes that help both mother and child to connect with their own elements, while the mantra encourages the sense of unity between the male and the female.


Already 15 days after childbirth and during the breastfeeding period, you can repeat the Amma Deva treatment programme with one treatment per week, with the support of regular application of home care products. Breastfeeding may take place 3 hours after the treatment.

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