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Silhouette Lift threads

Treatment overview 

Silhouette-Lift ® is a new technique which uses the Silhouette threads – new threads for tissue lifting. This technique, which is characterised with minimum invasiveness, is used to lift and relocate flabby tissue of the central face part.

Silhouette Lift® is recommended for patients above the age of 40, whose skin has lost youthful appearance, first signs of aging have appeared within the face and cheek area, but the condition of the skin is too good to perform traditional surgical lifting.

Silhouette Lift® threads are made of polypropylene – material which is bio-compatible with the human body which has been used in cardiovascular surgery and eye surgery for years.

The Silhouette-Lift will not stop the aging process, but it may only lift the deeper face structures and tighten the skin, thus providing a rejuvenation effect. The procedure may be performed independently or in combination with other procedures such as eyebrow lift, liposuction, eyelid correction or nose surgery. The procedure is tailored to meet the needs of the patient. The best candidates are patients with slight sagging of the skin, with elastic skin and distinctive bone structures.


Silhouette Lift® is performed under local anaesthesia, the procedure takes app. 45 minutes and does not require the patient’s stay at the Clinic or a long convalescence period. Threads are introduced under the skin through a micro-cut in the temporal area. The procedure using Silhouette Lift® lets the patient return to normal activity within 2 days of the procedure, and after app. 2 weeks the face skin regains its softness, natural appearance and all marks of the performed procedure disappear.

What are the effects and how long do they last?

New collagen is produced around the threads, which results in further uplift of the skin and maintained tension in soft tissues. The process progresses gradually over the next year.

Above all, the procedure allows a natural effect. Change of appearance is noticeable, but it does not give the “mask” effect. The face is more fresh and relaxed. Thanks to this rejuvenation procedure, face mimics is also revived.

Silhouette Lift® threads have been used in the USA for two years now in plastic surgery, and for four years – in reconstructive surgery. The R&D department claims that the effects will last for four years. Unfortunately, no rejuvenation procedure can stop the aging process.


  • Lifting of the cheeks
  • Correction of the naso-labial furrow
  • Reduced lower jaw flabbiness
  • Lifting of the lip corner
  • Lifting of the neck
  • Lifting of the eyebrows
  • Buttocks
  • Face paralysis
  • Reconstructive surgery

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