Why N.I.L.?

The Clinic offers the state of the art equipment for breaking up fat tissue using infrasonic vibration. Appreciated worldwide, the N.I.L.® (Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture) system allows safe removal of large quantities of fat tissue, considerable reduction of surgery time and post-surgery treatment, as well as very good effects without visible unevenness of the skin surface.







Why N.I.L.?

  • safe removal of large areas of fat tissue
  • considerable reduction of surgery time and post-surgery treatment
  • removed fat is suitable for transplantation
  • better appearance of the skin – no unevenness at all
  • high resolution / possibility of body sculpting – very safe and effective work near the skin
  • possibility to conduct the surgery both under local and general anaesthesia
  • lower injury rate (minimised occurrence of haematomas, bruises and swelling)possibility to use micro-cannulas (e.g. chin, neck, knees)
  • high treatment precision in delicate areas such as calves and buttocks

The possibility to use very thin cannulas for fat tissue removal allows exceptionally precise removal of fat cells in very delicate areas of the body, such as the chin or calves. The cannulas are activated with compressed air, which causes 3D nutational movement, ensuring more effective removal of fat tissue as compared with other techniques, without damaging non-fat tissues. The state of the art equipment includes a protection system equipped with special heads, which stops suction once it encounters non-fat tissue. Thanks to this, precise sculpting of the body is possible and a lower injury rate is achieved in terms of reduced swelling, bruising, haematoma development and discomfort to the patient.

Suction of fat cells is performed along with their emulgation, which shortens the surgery duration. Thanks to system parameters, removed fat cells maintain their properties (high quality) and, therefore, are perfectly suitable to be relocated to other body areas.

Nutation allows three times more movements than in case of manual liposuction or any other method! Moreover, nutational movement lets suck in a higher number of fat cells.

The frequency of movements caused by the head is generated by INFRASOUNDS which cause secretion of natural endorphin by the body. This means natural anaesthetisation both during and after the surgery. This lets the patient experience less pain (during and after the surgery).

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