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Dilated face capillaries

Dilated capillaries on the face, neck and cleavage are among the most frequent problems reported by patients to dermatologists or aesthetic medicine centres. They may constitute an isolated problem, but sometimes they constitute a symptom of a disease, for example rosacea.

Particular location are the nose wings, where they may appear after ordinary rhinitis. Capillaries usually have a star-like (spiders), linear, nodular or tree-like configuration. In case of spiders, a larger supplying capillary comes from the deep, from which smaller capillaries radiates. Closing of the central capillary is the key to successful closing of the spider angioma.

Reasons of development:

  • Genetic factors – in many cases, the patient’s history reveals cases of similar problems in one or both parents. The skin is often delicate, thin, sensitive, the capillaries are fragile and break easily.
  • Hormonal factors (administration of hormonal treatment, estrogen-based contraceptives).
  • Internal factors – allergic conditions and chronic skin inflammations.
  • External factors supporting capillary dilation:
    • Prolonged sunlight exposition
    • Excessive use of tanning bed
    • Wind
    • Significant temperature fluctuations
    • High humidity
    • Long-term local application of steroids, especially on the face, neck and cleavage in predestined persons (thin epidermis, fair skin, children)
    • Use of bio-stimulating lasers (e.g. melonowo-neonowy).

Dilated capillary skin care:

  • Protection of the skin against UV (sunlight, tanning bed, bio-stimulating lasers). Use of preparations with UVB and UVA filters, as well as with the IR filter which protects against infrared radiation
  • Protection of the skin against the cold and humidity – use of protective creams in autumn and winter
  • Avoiding overheating of face skin in the sauna, protection against hot air
  • Supplementation of vitamin deficiencies – mainly B2, PP, C
  • Use of proper cosmetics/cosmeceuticals designed for dilated capillary skin – a very effective ingredient which strengthens capillary walls is vitamin K.

Closing of capillaries involves closing of a capillary from both sides, by interrupting its continuity. Selection of the capillary closing method depends on the area of lesions, their location and experience of the therapist.

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