Clarity – for acne, inflammations

Treatment duration: 1h40’

Anti-inflammatory treatment, which reduces inflammations and impurities. Salicylic acid demonstrates bacteriostatic and exfoliating properties, whereas bisabolol and ginger extract soothe irritations and heal the skin. The treatment is developed for both young acne skins and mature skins struggling with hormonal acne.

What is more, Intraceuticals  proposes the Clarity Sensitive version, designed for skins with impurities, but extremely sensitive or with rosacea.


  • Purification and reduction of acne
  • Reduction of inflammation, soothing of irritations
  • Accelerated healing, reduction of acne scars
  • Balancing, normalised secretion and flow of sebum from sebaceous glands
  • Reduced colonisation of Propionibacterium acnes
  • Soothing and providing an antibacterial base
  • Protection against future problems
  • Maintained hydration balance.

Home care products:

Cleanser Gel/Cleanser Gel Sensitive

50 ml

Lightweight gel which thoroughly cleanses and removes excessive grease and impurities. Non-greasy formula conditions the skin and prepares it to take the optimum advantage of the Intraceuticals infusion and conditioning ingredients.

Gel Treatment /Gel Treatment Sensitive

30 ml

Light and effective gel for acne skin and inflammations.

Blemish Repair (spot application)

2 ml

Unique applicator and concentrated formula – for specific blemishes and to accelerate healing. A powerful mixture of active ingredients which instantly reduces inflammation – without drying or exfoliation.

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