Stretch mark prevention

Stretch mark prevention

The statement that prevention is better than healing is pretty trivial, yet very true. While expecting a baby, one cannot avoid hormonal changes and quick body weight gain. Appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy is most probable in the following areas:

  • breasts
  • belly
  • thighs
  • buttocks

Controlling what you eat and in what quantities is extremely important both during pregnancy and immediately after childbirth! Not only because of the risk of excessive fat tissue growth in various areas, but also because of influence of the kind of your diet onto skin quality and, consequently, its stretching adaptation. A diet rich in vitamin C (necessary for the synthesis of collagen), or collagen itself, e.g. in various jellies, may be particularly helpful to persons who tend to develop stretch marks.

To a certain degree, prevention may be supported by stretch mark creams, but their efficiency should not be overestimated. The only measure which will effectively protect the skin and prepare it for quick recovery after giving birth to your child are regular anti-stretch mark treatments beginning in the first months of pregnancy. If, however, stretch marks do appear, this problem will be very difficult to resolve. There are few effective ways to reduce stretch marks, not to mention their complete removal. Therefore, please remember – ensuring elasticity and hydration is crucial in maintaining smooth body skin.

RVB Holystic Beauty Thay – Amma Deva

During pregnancy, the skin needs more nutrition as tissues need to create space for the baby. Each session is connected with building harmony in the mother's body, strengthening and firming of the tissue, shaping and smoothing. It also involves prenatal massage, enriched with music, colour, fragrance, image and specialist cosmetics. The massage technique directly influences the outflow lymphatic channels, bringing a state of wonderful relaxation, letting mum and her baby meet each other. The massage is specially developed as prenatal preparation, with direct smoothing and tissue healing action. The breast and belly volume increases already at the very beginning of pregnancy, that is why keeping these areas in good tightness is very important for mums-to-be. The treatment programme will ensure deep nourishing and improve skin elasticity to strengthen it before the stress and stretching.

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RVB Holistic Beauty Thay YAM – breast treatment

Delicate massage on argan oil which significantly increases elasticity, strengthened with a stretch mark prevention concentrate. The treatment takes advantage of the benefits of organic sesame oil, shea butter, allantoin and vitamin E

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