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Laser epilation in Warsaw – Palomar Vectus Laser

» Already one month after the last sunbathing session

» Does not require growing of hair

Laser epilation in Warsaw – Palomar Vectus Laser

Treatment overview

Not only is each of the traditional hair removal methods (shaving, electrolysis, wax, etc.) connected with the hair growing back, but they also involve the risk of hair growing into the skin, discolourations, allergic reactions or even scars. Epilation with the Vectus™ diode laser is effective, lasting and safe. The treatment is quick and comfortable.

The VECTUS™ laser provides you with the innovative technology developed by PALOMAR Medical Technologies for permanent removal of hair and discolourations. It is effective and safe for any skin colour and any hair colour.

The diode laser emits a beam of light, which is absorbed by the hair pigment. This results in destruction of its bulb. However, the laser only impacts the hair which is in the growth stage, i.e. app. 30% of visible hair. That is why repeated treatments are needed – at least two, at the intervals of approximately one month, so that the other hair, which is in the decay and rest stage, gets into the growth stage and reacts to the impact of the laser light.

VECTUS™ is the newest, quickest and also most powerful system for laser epilation worldwide. It uses many innovative solutions which determine exceptional efficacy of the equipment as well as patient safety and comfort. Palomar VECTUS™ diode laser has a certificate of security and efficiency, issued by the US Food and Drug Administration, honoured worldwide, which allows its marketing as a device for permanent removal of hair and discolourations.

Is this a painful treatment?

Vectus™, as the only one in the world, is equipped with an intelligent skin melanin sensor – Skintel™. In practice, it means that before the treatment the sensor is placed on the patient’s skin where the hair is to be removed. Skintel™ determines the level of melanin and, based on this reading, sets the tailored treatment parameters in the device. This results in a number of benefits:

  • Thanks to an individualised energy selection, higher parameters may be applied which will still be safer to the patient. The treatment is more effective;
  • Individual selection of parameters excludes the risk of burns.

Contact cooling keeps sensibility of heat during the treatment to the minimum. This in turn allows application of higher energy during the treatment and, thus, considerably increases its efficiency.

When does the effect appear and how long does it last?

Thanks to application of many innovative structural solutions, Vectus™ is the fastest operating laser in its category. The enlarged treatment head reduces the time of treatment of large areas to just a few minutes, e.g. of the whole back to 4 minutes!

Another factor which influences treatment efficiency is the patented Photon RecyclingSM technology, which involves reuse of light naturally reflected from the skin. Thanks to the mirrors incorporated in the head, the light returns, as a result of which a light impulse is used in one hundred percent, which dramatically increases effectiveness of the procedure.

Therapy schedule

Depending of the area to be treated, the respective head size is selected. A large head is used to work on large areas, e.g. legs, whereas a high precision small head is used for small areas, such as the area above the upper lip.

Skin phototype analysis is performed using the intelligent melanin level sensor – Skintel™. The readout is sent to the platform and, based on it, optimum treatment parameters are selected automatically. Skintel eliminates the risk of the therapist’s error and it absolutely excludes the risk of burning the skin.

For best results, in case of hair removal, from 3 to 4 treatments should be performed at the intervals of 4 to 10 weeks.

Post-treatment recommendations

Immediately after the treatment, the skin may be slightly blushed. After the treatment, do not use the sauna, tanning bed or take hot baths.


Before the treatment, the therapist conducts a detailed interview with the patient, to exclude possible contraindications and establish patient’s card:

  • Fresh suntan
  • Pregnancy
  • Interrupted epidermis continuity
  • Epilepsy
  • Photo-sensitizing medicines, herbs
  • Retinoid therapy (vitamin A)
  • Anticoagulant medicines
  • Psoriasis, leucodermia
  • Diabetes
  • Keloids
  • Active skin infections
  • Heart pacemaker
  • Recent surgeries
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