Natural filling effect, skin cell stimulation, fresh, healthy look of the skin, unlimited quantity of filling material, namely the patient’s own fat tissue!

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  • Beata Dudzińska- Czajka

    Beata Dudzińska- Czajka

    Beata Dudzińska-Czajka is a qualified beautician. At our Clinic, she holds the position of Manager of the Cosmetology Department. Beata graduated from the School of Cosmetology in Cracow. Working since 1999, she has been employed at SPA centres of the Bryza Hotel in Jurata, the Dom Zdrojowy Hotel in Jastarnia and Centrum Odchudzania Cambridge (Cambridge Diet Centre) in Warsaw.

    She continuously raises her qualifications, willingly participating in trainings organised by leading cosmetic brands, including RVB, Intraceuticals, Valmont, Selvert Thermal, Thalgo as well as those organised by equipment distributors such as LPG, Zaffiro, Coolsculpting, Palomar Vectus, Med Contour.

    Beata treats the work of a beautician as a passion and hobby letting her fulfil herself, and willingly combines applied cosmetics with aesthetic dermatology treatments. Her professional motto says “a sound mind in a sound body”.

  • Aneta Suchowierska

    Aneta Suchowierska

    Beautician with many years of experience. Aneta has often worked as a trainer for leading global cosmetic brands, which let her get to know the tricks of the trade of this profession “at the source”, that is at the companies and factories dealing with development and production of cosmetics.

    Moreover, working as a trainer let her explore thoroughly the procedures involved in particular treatments. Aneta’s work is at the same time her passion, which is why she regularly participates in various trainings and lectures allowing her follow new trends in cosmetology.

    Aneta is also interested in healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

  • Katarzyna Kowalczyk

    Katarzyna Kowalczyk

    Katarzyna Kowalczyk is a qualified cosmetologist. She graduated in cosmetology from the Medical University of Łódź. She is also a graduate of the Department of Cosmetics of Centrum Edukacji Kadr (Centre for Staff Education). Katarzyna continuously raises her qualifications, participates in all training courses organised at the Clinic, including those connected with Zaffiro, epilation, Selvert face and body treatments, RVB, Valmont. Moreover, she completed a course for makeup artists.

    To Kasia, cosmetology is more than just work, she puts a lot of effort and emotions into individual selection of appropriate treatments for the patient, to be followed by optimum home care.

    Her private interests include skiing, dancing and travelling. Kasia is also interested in novelties connected with cosmetology, fitness, dietetics and makeup.

  • Paulina Tuszyńska

    Paulina Tuszyńska

    Paulina Tuszyńska is a qualified cosmetologist. She graduated in Practical Cosmetology from the University of Infrastructure and Management, and in Nursing from the Medical University of Warsaw. P.

    Tuszyńska acquainted herself with the secrets of Aesthetic Medicine and cosmetology during various trainings ensuring continuous improvement of her qualifications. During appointments connected with aesthetic medicine and dermatology, Paulina assists doctors during performed procedures. She cooperates with the beautician during cosmetic treatments, medical scrubs and body treatments.

    Paulina performs her work with great involvement and responsibility. The patient’s comfort and security during treatments are her priorities. Always smiling and ready to help patients.

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